Care after Surgery

getting the best result from your surgery

Following your surgery you will be given a Caring for your wound after Surgery booklet that will detail your follow-up appointments and specific post-operative care recommended for you. Please check your follow-up appointment dates and contact the Rooms should there have been a change to the dates you were given pre-surgery.

Good wound dressings ensure surgical wounds are kept clean (minimising the risk of infection) and provide an optimal environment for healing (hastening healing and improving the final scar appearance). You will note a range of post-operative care options when you open the booklet. Please follow only those that have been ticked/ circled for your personalised care. 

At times patients may experience post-operative concern. This may be due to a dressing requiring changing earlier than anticipated, or due to signs of wound infection. What to look out for is detailed in your Care booklet which also has a phone number for after hours/ weekend post-surgery emergencies. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you experience any concern.